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06-12-2008 - Anniversary Model
Anniversary Model
Autodrome exists 25 years (1984-2009) and that will be celebrated with our Anniverisary Model the Massey Ferguson 1130 (TRAC29)

17-03-2007 - Site update
Site update
New on our website: Detailed pictures of our new traction models.
Now you can see more sides and details of the traction models. (The pictures can be found near the original pictures)

17-03-2007 - MF 1130
MF 1130
Prototype MF 1130

Soon we will start with building our new model the MF 1130

04-03-2007 - RSS feed
RSS feed
Never miss a newsitem. We got support for rss.
Just add to you RSS reader and you will be informed anytime.

25-02-2007 - Shipping
We experimented with our packaging of our handbuild products.
They have been succesfully tested, so we can use them for transport of handbuild models all over the world.

25-02-2007 - Page Update
Page Update
Page has been updated again.

First update: French language added, thanks to Koen Vreke.

Second update: we are now able to upload more pictures for each product (3),
so we can show you more detail of our products.

01-01-2007 - New Webpage
New Webpage
First of all: Happy New Year

Second, the webpage of Autodrome has made some improvements,
every page has been made multilingual and we are working on one other language; French.

It will be available soon.

Our order forms are also improved, they are now up-to-date with the webpage.

23-11-2006 - New Model
New Model
New Traction Model:
New Volvo BM 600

Ordernumber: TRAC28